Monday, 20 April 2015

Remaja 15 Tahun Asuh Sendiri Adiknya yang berusia 5 Bulan

Setelah dibaca beritanya di situs indonesia, aku jadi tertanya-tanya
dimanakah kejadian ini, aku cari sumbernya, ternyata namanya Loloy, mungkinkah orang philipin?

A young boy carries his 5-month-old sibling while begging for food and money for them to survive every day

Photo from Facebook
Many children are left alone in the streets to beg for their own survival. Some parents are unemployed and could no longer afford to raise their children. The only option left for these children is to beg for food, money, or any help any passerby could give. Unfortunately for Loloy, he was left alone with his 5-month-old sibling.
Photo From Facebook

Loloy and his sibling has been living in the Laloma cemetery for quite some time already. They have been travelling every day, begging for food and money from in the jeep they ride on. The baby, in his early stages of life, is forced to eat rice instead of milk because they could not afford to buy some. When some passengers in the jeep saw their condition, they offered to give them milk that could last for at least a week, and deposited extra cash to the store where Loloy could return once the milk runs out. The passengers who gave help to Loloy wishes to ask for more help from other people, and so their
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